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Xiaomi will take control of Meitu smartphones

Judhajeet Das



Xiaomi has been able to make commercial deals with all kinds of companies, which have manufactured products ranging from home appliances to clothing. Now, their most recent deal is a commercial relationship with the smartphone manufacturer Meitu, which, according to the strategic cooperation, ends up being an agreement where Xiaomi would be responsible for selling their products.

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Society between Xiaomi and Meitu

According to an official document released by Meitu, they indicate that Xiaomi will obtain an exclusive global license, with which they will be able to use the name of the brand internationally in certain technologies of the company. All this of course, in relation to the future smartphones of Meitu excluding the Meitu V7. Thanks to this new commercial relationship, Meitu and Xiaomi will manufacture new smartphones together, which will have as main objective a female audience. According to the document, the phones will be designed, developed, manufactured, marketed and sold by Xiaomi, while, on the other hand, Meitu will be responsible for providing their image technology and photographic algorithms.

Meitu Management PresentationSomething interesting is that the article also reflects the fact that Xiaomi will be able to manufacture another series of devices with the name Meitu. After this, the 2 phases in which this association will be divided are specified:

Phase 1: There is a specific number of smartphones that Xiaomi and Meitu will manufacture together for the sale, at the moment that Xiaomi reaches the agreed figure, 10% of gross profits will be given to Meitu. This will continue until, within a period of 5 years, Meitu receives a certain amount of gross profit in the manufacture of said tElephones. After this extended period, Xiaomi will decide if they want to advance to phase 2 and continue with the society or not.

Phase 2: Xiaomi will pay Meitu a specific amount for each sold smartphone that has been developed together for a 30 years period, subject to a minimum annual profit of USD10 million.

Xiaomi Site

Another highlight of the document is that it indicates that in the other devices that are developed together that are not smartphones; Meitu will obtain a total of 15% of the participation, as well as the gross profit for 30 years. In the document, it is mentioned that Meitu has sold a total of 3.5 million smartphones since their opening in 2013, although it is not much, the truth is that it is quite substantial and for that reason they decided to work with a commercial partner such as Xiaomi, to seek to expand its user market on a larger scale.

The main reason for choosing Xiaomi was its record number of sales in smartphones (more than 100 million units from January to October 31 of this year) in addition to its amazing IoT platform. Something also clarified by Meitu, is that the phones manufactured together will come with the photos and social networks apps of this company pre-installed, so their user base should grow. At the moment the only thing that can be done is to wait and see what happens with this business relationship.


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Why choose XIDU 13.3″ 2 in 1 PhilPad?

Judhajeet Das



Nowadays, the laptop industry is flourished with different kinds of products which may dazzle the eyes of all customers. Every one has their needs and requirements for their devices. Some are looking for lightweight easy-to-carry tablets while others pursuit excellent performance and quick-response laptops. Hey, why not have both with only one product? If you are attracted to this idea, please be sure to check out this XIDU 13.3″ 2-in-1 PhilPad which is going to change your conventional thought about tablets and laptops.

XIDU 13.3″ 2 in 1 PhilPad is issued by XIDU company, one of the fastest growing tech companies based in Shenzhen, China and manufactured according to international tech standards. XIDU is committed to providing high-quality products to customers all around the world with professional pre-sale and after-sale services. You might be wondering what is so special about this PhilPad and why you should choose it over the others on the market. Next, let’s take a tour trip of experiencing the exceptional features of the recommended product.

XIDU Official Store

2 in-1 Convertible Tablet

PhilPad comes with two modes, laptop and tablet mode. In your spare time, you can move the detachable keyboard, adjust it to tablet mode and watch your favorite TV series or singing star anywhere you want. At work time, assemble the keyboard and enjoy the smooth and pleasant experience of PhilPad while you operate various software at the same time. The ergonomic soft keyboard really makes it comfortable to type on a compact device and the 135° Rotable kickstand enables you to use it at various angles. This versatile portable PhilPad can save you cost and trouble if you want both a laptop and a tablet.

Incredible Performance

The PhilPad is equipped with Intel Quad-core Apollo Lake N3350 processor max up to 2.4GHz, which delivers 30% more processing and 45% better graphics performance on Windows versus previous-generation processors. Even heavy games can run smoothly and clearly on this laptop. It also has 6GB LPDDR3 and 64GB eMMC supporting 256GB TF card expansion, demonstrating fast and high-class experience. The internal lithium polymer (10000 mAh) battery offers up to 8 hours of average usage on a single full charge, which gives you the power to do more on the go.

Fabulous Display

One of the outstanding features of this laptop is its 2560 x 1440 IPS screen display. Everything that appears on the screen is always pins-sharp and ultra-detailed. If you are also passionate about games, you will love using this laptop, thanks to its outstanding graphics and display. Also, the screen features touch technology with multi-touch support. You can enjoy writing on the screen with a stylus pen that gives full access to the Windows Ink Work space.

Comprehensive External Connection

With the dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology, PhilPad has stronger signals and faster data speeds. You can stream high-definition movies and videos smoothly without stuttering. It also comes with 1 x USB Type-C, 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x Microphone Jack, 1 x MicroSD card slot, 2 x Speakers, 1 x Power button, 2 x Volume +/-, 5MP Rear camera, 2MP Front camera to meet your requirements.

Professional services

Whether you are a student or an office worker, it is highly recommended  if you are looking for a fashionable, cost-effective, and portable laptop or tablet. XIDU PhilPad has various advantages to meet different needs and please shop with confidence as XIDU is offering you professional pre-sale and after-sale services with one full year warranty for each product.

Find more details from.

XIDU Official Store

XIDU Aliexpress Store

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Redmibook 14, the new ultrabook from Xiaomi will the hit market soon

Judhajeet Das



Xiaomi has never restricted itself as far as the quantity of items it offers. It has a regularly extending arrangement of items running from shopper gadgets to clothing and the electric bikes. A new report guarantees that the organization will be launching an ultraportable PC soon which will convey the Redmibook 14 moniker. To additionally fortify the cases, the determination sheet of the workstation has likewise been spilled.

Redmibook 14

RedmiBook 14 Features


Despite the fact that the source needs genuine pictures of the Redmibook 14, it reports the upcoming gadget will have a silver metal body that estimates 309.6 mm x 210.9 mm x 14.8 mm. The weight of the gadget will be about 1.3 Kg. As the name recommends, the new Notebook will come with a 14-inch screen along with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Also, it will pack an eighth Gen Intel Core i5 CPU which along with the dual cores has four threads.

The RedmiBook 14 will keep running on the Windows 10 64 bit. As far as memory and capacity, it will be accessible in two variants which are as per the following:


4 GB DDR4 RAM + 128 GB SSD


8 GB DDR4 RAM + 256 GB SSD


The forthcoming Redmibook 14 likewise has a card Reader of MicroSDHC. It can either be utilized for expanding the storage or exchanging data. For simple operability, it will have a full size island-style illuminated console with numeric keypad. An island style console has disengaged keys which decreases the odds of mistyping. Like most present day cell phones, it will likewise have a unique finger impression sensor for safely opening the Xiaomi redmibook 14.

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Redmibook 14

Price and the Launch


Xiaomi is yet to uncover the official dispatch date of the Xiaomi RedmiBook 14. In any case, the source claims it will be available in July. The exact cost of the ultraportable PC will be uncovered at the season of the official dispatch.

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(CHUWI Minibook Indiegogo) Sign up & and get up to 25% Super Early Bird Discount

Judhajeet Das



After making an appearance at trade show in Hong Kong last month, the Chuwi Minibook is almost ready to go.The folks at Chuwi tell me their 8 inch mini-laptop with a convertible tablet-style design will go up for pre-order through an Indiegogo campaign soon, And the company has posted a promotional website where you can sign up for a “Super Early Bird Discount” of 25 percent off the sale price.
It is an ideal product for those who need a complete product within the typical dimensions of a tablet. This is not an 11 or 13 “model, but a mini-notebook that looks more like a tablet with a keyboard than a laptop. The display is 8” and there is an integrated 4G LTE modem for the most extreme use on the move. The aesthetics seem to be particularly accurate, with a metal body and a small joystick that replaces the traditional trackpad.


The body is made of aluminum and Dimensions of the device are 200 x 130x 17.9mm, and weight – 600 g. the MiniBook will have an 8 “1920 x 1200 resolution display resolution. The display will be connected to the rest of the chassis via special hinges that will enable 360-degree rotation to easily convert it to the tablet and vice versa to the mini laptop. Among other things, there is a 3500 mAh battery and a fingerprint sensor built into the power button.


Chuwi Minibook will be available with Intel® Core™ m3-8100Y Processor, supported by options for either 4GB or 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM, and 64GB or 128GB of eMMC storage depending on your requirements and budget. There’s also an M.2 slot for a speedier (and/or larger) solid state drive. You can access that slot by removing a single screw on the back of the laptop to open an access panel.


Chuwi Minibook will be sold in two variants, with internal storage space of 64 or 128 GB, and along the body, there will be a USB Type-C port, while internally an M.2 port will be available for the connection of a possible unit of additional storage. You can also see a full-size USB 3.0 port, a microSD reader and a 3.5 mm port for connecting earphones or external microphones. There will also be a mini-HDMI, at least based on the photos we have.


Moreover, the Chuwi Minibook will have an advanced hinge that will allow the display to rotate 360 ??°, so as to use the device as a convertible. It is very likely that the manufacturer will release new information on this product over the next few days or weeks: to stay informed we recommend that you visit the official website.

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