“Xiaomi Security Guardian Award” – Xiaomi awarded prizes to 6 white hats

Xiaomi is a huge company that every day seeks to improve, not only at the production level but also in the search for new ideas that allow the technology industry to develop in a better way. This makes it one of the most desired companies for malicious hackers, which is why they are constantly looking for an improvement in their security. On November 28, the “Xiaomi AIOT Developer Conference 2018″ was held in Beijing, a conference that sought to jointly promote the development of artificial intelligence and the IoT industry and thereby create a new era called “Internet of Everything“.

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The next day, the “Xiaomi IoT security summit” was held, in which Cui Baoqiu, the vice president of Xiaomi’s artificial intelligence sector and their cloud platform, gave the “Xiaomi Security Guardian Award” to “six white hats hackers“. This is a term used to refer to those hackers who manage to identify vulnerabilities in company security systems so that they can be reinforced. That is, they are those hackers who are not malicious and who seek to help improve the Internet experience and the security of companies.

Awards offered by Xiaomi

During this meeting, Cui Baoqiu expressed his gratitude towards the work of the white hats and said “Xiaomi considers security as the main line from smartphones to the IoT, from electronic commerce to traditional and mobile Internet; all areas need a security guard and Xiaomi welcomes white hats that help us build a better and safer ecosystem”. These 6 white hat hackers are part of well-known cybersecurity teams called Tencent Blade Team and Antiy Mobile Axel Lab and represent a true reality of this “work” field. According to the reports of the Xiaomi Security Center, notifications of new vulnerabilities are received every day that are addressed and corrected by this research center.

Xiaomi Security Guardian Award - MIDC

The award given in question was the “Xiaomi Security Guardian Award“, which is the first award that Xiaomi offers in this field, which opens the doors to all those technical agents of the company in the field of computer security. In addition to this, the award also included the Xi ? ? ? (Xiè zhì yùx?), which is the statue of the legendary animal that we find with the Mi Mix 3 presentation in which the hacker’s name is carved, and this last device in a green jade version. And not only that, but the winners of the award also left their signature on the security banner of Xiaomi IoT, giving them the title of the first “guardians” of the security of this company.

Security is truly important to Xiaomi

With this, it is very clear that Xiaomi will continue to improve in the field of digital security, and will improve their security capabilities, of course, the company made an invitation to all those external security teams to be part of the protection of all Xiaomi users, since it is the largest company in the field of “IA + IoT“. With this new program that supports security, many workers will be interested in this type of offer.

Xiaomi Security Guardian Award - Lei Jun

Xiaomi always gave great importance to users during this process, since it has more than 100 million devices directly connected to their networks. Which is why Lei Jun put a lot of emphasis on the importance of security in the devices since any minimum hole could cause catastrophic damages for the users.

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