Xiaomi launched a new electronic notebook to draw

Recently a wide variety of electronic notebooks have been popularized in which the content of the drawing made in the notebook can be digitized to our tablet, phone or computer. In order to achieve a more natural feel, and that is why Xiaomi has decided to tackle this market. Launching a new electronic notebook for cartoonists looking to create the perfect sketches .

Youpin: the platform that gave life to the electronic notebook.

Through its crowdfunding platform , Xiaomi has put on sale this new notebook with its pen that allow to improve the style of drawing thanks to new technologies. This notebook with its digitizer pen will guide us in real time to offer private drawing lessons, and this is done through its mobile app, which will guide us in the process. It accepts PNG, JPEG, GIF and MP4 formats .

book notebook


the features of this notebook,first it is made of about 40 sheets of 100 grams each, which will allow us to draw with your digitizer pen . This pen comes with a tip of 0.6 mm that allow a not insignificant 1400 points of precision and finally, its pen is made of ABS plastic.

book notebookThis new notebook has a great variety of sketches that we can download and use through its Android or IOS app.At the same time, all the sketches we draw can be stored in the app and shared with our friends and family or displayed on a desktop or PC .book notebook


The price of the book is equivalent to 32 or $ 36.22 to the change and is expected to be on sale in January 7, 2019 in Chinese import stores.

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