19 January, 2020

Xiaomi is about to triple the number of stores that Apple has in Spain

Xiaomi is a company that has known how to properly use the popularity it has gained over the years in the market, not only has it been able to get followers all over the world for its incredible products, but it has also been able to open official stores outside its home country, so the international users can visit to enjoy the services and products that the company has. As we know, its main market are in China and India, but also shows a huge interest in the European market, which is why it has opened many stores in Spain.

In fact, the American giant Apple has 11 Apple stores in this country, and Xiaomi is about to open the Mi Store number 29 in Malaga, so it triples the number of official Apple stores.

Xiaomi is about to triple the number of stores that Apple has in Spain

History of Xiaomi in Spain

Apple started in the market in this country with the first Apple Store 8 years ago in Barcelona, and since then it has reached a quantity of 11 official stores. Xiaomi, on the other hand, is within Spain since November of last year, so its time in the local business is just over a year, and it has already been able to triple the number of official stores it has in this territory compared to its American rival, and currently has a total of 28 Mi Stores. Of course, this is from December 15, in which will open a new store in Malaga.

This means that the popular Chinese company has taken less than a year to triple the number of Apple stores, mostly thanks to the model they use.

History of Xiaomi in Spain

Moreover, the company is based on two models, first are the franchises, which are 17 and dominate in the country, which are the official Mi Stores, and, on the other hand, its second model is the franchise, in which Xiaomi grants licenses to third parties to sell their products within the territory, being already 11 stores of this style, which are called exclusive Mi Stores. Xiaomi has stores in 16 provinces of the country, so, speaking of Asian companies, is the largest over Samsung and Huawei. Samsung has a total of 25 stores while, on the other hand, Huawei has no physical store, but plans to open the first in the Gran Vía Street in Madrid.

Source: Vozpopuli

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