Two unknown Xiaomi phones scheduled to launch next year get certified in China

The year is coming to an end and while some manufacturers still have launches planned for the remaining weeks, some are already looking forward to the next year. We believe Xiaomi belongs to the latter category.

Two unknown Xiaomi devices have received certifications at the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and their model numbers reveal they are scheduled to arrive next year. The phones are the Xiaomi M19101F9T and the M19101F9E.

Xiaomi M1901F9T

All the phones Xiaomi released this year all have their model numbers beginning with M18. Seeing as these two new devices have their model numbers beginning with M19, one can tell that they are scheduled to launch in 2019. However, we have no idea which models they are but since only the last alphabet is different, they are probably network variants of the same model.

There are rumors that they might be variants of the Mi 9 series, not necessarily the main flagships since the Snapdragon 8150 hasn’t been officially released yet, but maybe less powerful versions.

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There are also speculations that they might be the Chinese variants of the Redmi Note 6 Pro. This is more plausible as Xiaomi hasn’t yet released a successor to the Redmi Note 5 (Pro) in its home country.

Nevertheless, we expect more details to surface when they appear on TENAA.


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