19 January, 2020

Realme CEO Confirmed the 64 MP Quad-cam to be Known as Realme 5

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Realme is about to launch its next flagship phone with 64 MP quad-cam setup. It is assumed that the company will announce the phone soon. As per the reports, Realme has scheduled the camera showcase event in India on August 8 for Realme 5.

Speculations are prevailing in the market that the 64 MP phone will be called the Realme 4. But it looks like not to happen as almost all the Chinese smartphone brands consider number 4 unlucky in their home country and want to skip it.

Rumors of Realme 5

These rumors and speculations got some credence when Realme India CEO Madhav Seth indirectly confirmed that the company would skip the number 4 indeed for the upcoming smartphone. Number 4 is proved to be unlucky on many occasions and again this time we can’t take a risk in this regard.

To give a hint to the followers, Madhav changed his Twitter account handle to Madhav ‘5’ Quad. Hence, it confirmed that the upcoming Realme smartphone would be known as the Realme 5, installing quad-camera setup.

realme 5

This was not the first occasion when Madhav changed his Twitter account handle to promote any Realme device. Previously, he changed his name to Madhav X before the launch of Realme X in India.

Rumors were already indicating that Realme is working on its next flagship Realme 5 smartphone with some powerful features in the pack. The company is regarding the camera showcase event as a ‘Camera Innovation’ event. And wishing to capture huge audience for the device.

Furthermore, the company has not revealed the full spec-sheet of the phone yet. But we can hope that Realme will launch the device in India first and then in other markets. For further updates, keep visiting regularly. We will come up with the latest news as it appears.

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