17 January, 2020
Oneplus 6T Review

OnePlus 6T Review: Phone of the Year

We’re just going to say this right off the bat, the OnePlus 6T is the best smartphone for most people. OnePlus doesn’t make super affordable phones like they used to, instead they make phones with less and less compromises every year. But that comes at a cost,the latest flagship now starts at 550$ which isn’t considered as a budget phone by any means.Despite the price hikes the OnePlus 6T is my phone of the year. So here I present my OnePlus 6T Review after a thorough analysis of the smartphone for over a month!

Starting off with the OnePlus 6T review, The design of the smartphone is slightly different to the 6.The newer 6T is slightly thicker and heavier than it’s predecessor.It removes the fingerprint sensor on the back for an in display one.Oh yeah! There’s no headphone jack either. It also adopts the less intrusive water droplet style notch which has increased it’s screen to body ratio to 85.6%.The display is the same optic AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080*2340 pixels and an increased screen size of 6.41 inches.However the display is covered by Gorilla glass 6 this time.The display has vibrant colors and deep blacks with great sunlight legibility.This is the best display in this price range by far.The display houses the in built optical fingerprint sensor which is a bit slower and less accurate than traditional scannners. For me this is a downgrade over the 6.OnePlus 6T review

The 6T has a Snapdragon 845 chipset with either 6 or 8 GB ram and a base storage of 128 GB.This phone doesn’t disappoint in performance.It’s one of the quickest and fastest phones I’ve ever experienced.During my usage I didn’t find any lag or stuttering at all. Apps launch and close fast,frame rates are high,the UI is smooth.Gaming is also a breeze.It may sound weird but this phone outperforms Google’s Pixel 3 which is a surprise considering the Pixel is a stock android phone.This phone isn’t just fast for the price, it’s the fastest android phone on the market.

The one place where OnePlus phones have always been lacking is in the camera department.The 6 and 6T have the identical camera setup.It’s got a primary 16 MP optically stabilized sensor with f/1.7 aperture and a 20 MP secondary sensor for additional details and depth sensing.The camera performs pretty good.Outdoor photos are crisp and vibrant, although I would’ve liked a bit less saturation.But the photos sometimes looked a bit cartoonish to me.The portrait mode does a decent job as well. Night time and low light shots aren’t that good.There’s a fair bit of noise and too much sharpening.I haven’t found nightscape to be that useful as it degrades the quality of the picture.Video on the other hand is pretty good with max output of 4k at 60fps. The front 20 MP selfie camera is really good and the portrait mode is pretty consistent with pleasing results.Overall the 6T camera is really good for the price but fails to keep up with the big dogs.

Battery life one the 6T is excellent.The removal of the headphone jack and increased thickness has let the company put a 3700 mAh battery inside.The 1080p amoled display and their optimized Oxygen OS makes this phone last a very long time.It has better battery life than my iPhone 7 plus which is saying something.There’s a 20W fast charger in the box for quick top ups.There’s still no wireless charging despite the glass back.

Powering the device is Oxygen OS. I prefer this skin even over stock android.The software is customizable,responsive,reliable an it even looks most similar to stock android.It adds useful features like gestures,themes and so on.As it’s a light skin OnePlus pushes out android updates pretty fast as well.This is an area where I give props to OnePlus.It seems OnePlus is outdoing Google in delivering the most solid android experience.OnePlus 6T Review

The 6T inn’t all about pros though,oddly enough they removed the headphone jack.But to me it isn’t a big deal as we’re getting a bigger battery instead.The speaker is also pretty average with only one bottom firing unit.The main issue I have with the 6T is the optical scanner,it’s just not as fast the previous one in the 6.It’s slow and less accurate.Personally I think OnePlus was just trying to show off rather than trying to improve the experience.

So what’s the verdict?Most people aren’t going to buy phones for 1000$.The 6T brings most of the features and even does somethings better than those phones for almost half the price.For 550$ you’re getting a great display,stellar battery life,a solid camera and the smoothest software experience on android.If you’re thinking about buying one, well stop thinking and go for it ❤️

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