25 January, 2020

New ILIFE A9s robot vacuum cleaner. Coming soon!

The robot vacuum cleaner has long ceased to be only wonder or a cat’s transport and has become a relatively ordinary household item. At the largest technical exhibition of the year, CES 2019, held in Las Vegas, the Chinese company ILIFE, which showed itself well in the market of self-propelled vacuum cleaners, presented a new model – more precisely, even a series – that pleases with a very pleasant combination of price and performance.

ilife a9s

The new series of robotic vacuum cleaners was named ILIFE A9 and includes two models: the A9 and A9s. Both are made with the same design – in the upper part of round vacuum cleaners we see glossy plastic in a metal edging. It looks great, but the device will often have to wipe clean inevitably dirty with the performance of its duties.

The main innovation of the series was the built-in camera, which works in conjunction with the PanoView Navigation algorithm. As it is easy to understand from the name of the technology, we are talking about a panoramic view with the help of a camera, due to which the vacuum cleaner does not just react to obstacles thanks to the usual sensors (there are 14 of them here), but builds a map of the area and “plots” the most effective way for high-quality cleaning. which he is then able to repeat. If you do not want the vacuum cleaner to clean up in certain areas, you can place special ElectroWall tags on the wall, to which ILIFE A9 will react.

Two brushes, located on the working surface of the vacuum cleaner, rotate at a speed of 170 times per minute and allow you to count on high-quality garbage collection, which occurs on the way of the device. Helps them in this suction system with BLDC-motor. The capacity of the dust collector – 0.6 liters, removed in one motion, returns, too. Here lies one of the two differences of the A9s model – not only a dust collector is available for it, but also a container for liquid waste, this is a washing model. The second difference is a special vibrating mop, it provides a more dense and active contact with the floor. The ILIFE A9 series vacuum cleaning robots will be available in spring 2019. Price starts at $ 299.

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