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iPhone XS Max Roundup in 2019!

Judhajeet Das



It’s already 2019, which means just looming in the tech horizon are new iterations of the existing Apple devices plus potential new models (which are rumoured to have bilateral reverse charging and triple-lens cameras). But have you maximised the use of your iPhone XS Max just yet? SO, heres our iPhone XS Max Roundup in 2019!

iPhone Xs max roundup

The largest
of the three existing models, the iPhone XS Max is the bezel-less successor of
the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus, equipped with the Face ID. If you don’t have the model
just yet, it is, at the moment, the top-tier model in the flagship line. Before
you click here to check iPhone XS
Max colours

though, these are everything you need to know about the device, from
specification to design.

Stainless steel frame

The iPhone
XS Max’s body is made of glass panels which covers the front and bank of the
device which supports QI wireless charging, plus stainless steel frames around
the edges. The great thing about this iteration of the flagship line is that
Apple made sure that the device is made mostly of sustainable materials. You
will not find any PVC, mercury, or brominated flame retardants in the device,
in fact even the stainless steel frame is recyclable.

Water resistance

It features
an “Ingress Protection” which makes the phone resistant to water (note, not
waterproof). With an IP68 rating, the 6 means the iPhone XS Max is dust-proof,
the 8 means you can submerge the phone in water of up to two metres for 30

Screen Time feature

One of the
most intriguing features that came with the iOS 12 is Screen Time. It measures
your phone usage habits and dividing the data by app. You can see which apps
are taking most of your time and which ones haven’t been opened for a long
time. It also records how often you pick up your phone and the average number
of notifications you get.

What this
feature allows you to do is address your phone usage habits. You can head to
Settings and schedule Downtime. You can plot when certain apps cannot be used
or limit the amount of time you use the apps daily, and when you can receive

Depth Control for portraits

Portrait Mode has been an added feature for both front and back camera since
when the iPhone X was released. But the iPhone XS Max takes it up a notch with
its Depth Control. Basically, it allows users to edit the focal length of a photo, which is the blur and the bokeh effect, in real-time
using a slider.

True Tone Display

The iPhone
XS Max is capable of adjusting the screen colour balance and temperature
automatically, adapting to the ambient light of the room you’re in. Just go to
the Control Centre and force press the brightness slider so you can tap the
True Tone button. You can also go to Settings, Display and Brightness, and then
toggle the True Tone switch.

Ending our iPhone XS Max Roundup, Go on and fiddle with your iPhone XS Max! And if you still don’t have one, make sure to head on over to Harvey Norman to get your hands on an iPhone XS Max.

Tech Passionate and Heavy Geek! Into Blogging world since 2014 and never looked back since then :) I am also a YouTube Video Producer and a Aspiring Entrepreneur. Founder, MyDroidDoes

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Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3 Released: Improved features but no change in price

Judhajeet Das



Xiaomi in 2014 introduced its first MiJia Air Purifier, and now has announced its third generation(Xiaomi MiJia Air Purifier 3). Xiaomi announced the updated version of the Mijia Air Purifier days ago. It became even more powerful, but retained the price tag of the previous generation. This would be a very good buy if am asked

Buy the Xiaomi MiJia Air Purifier 3 for $178.99, Here

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What is known

If we compare MiJia Air Purifier 3 with the previous version, the new product is now able to output a larger volume of clean air (6660L) with increased speed (400 m³ / h), distribution area (37-48 m²) and improved filtration by 29%. At the same time, the dimensions of the device itself remained the same. The power of the purifier is 38 watts.( In lay terms, The device cleans 6660 liters of air per minute. One device is enough for a room of up to 48 m². Maximum power is 38 watts.)

Mijia Air Purifier 3 is equipped with a round OLED display, which has the temperature and humidity in the house, as well as the level of ultrafine particles PM2.5. The high content of these particles in the air leads to problems with the respiratory system, so Xiaomi has improved their filtration by 29% compared to Air Purifier 2S.

Also on the display is a touch control button. The LED ring around it serves as an indicator of air quality. The device can be controlled remotely – through the Mijia or MiHome application. The amazing Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3 is already available on Banggood for just $178.99. click the link below to get it

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Redmi TV coming soon; Xiaomi TV General Manager claims

Judhajeet Das



Every smartphone company is now making their ways to new TVs. The OnePlus is in the process to launch its new tv and Honor has already mad e a big splash with its Honor Vision. And now, this is the time for Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi to get their hands on the new Tv called Redmi TV in the market very soon.

On 16th August, the general manager of Xiaomi, Li Xiaoshuang shared a new segment which shows a note about the upcoming redmi Tv on Weibo. The GM also told that the Redmi TV will have a strong team. And the team will provide the great picture quality, and sound effects on the TV. He also added, “I found that the friends are quite powerful and should pay attention to it.”

Features Redmi TV:

Now few days ago, we have witnessed the launch of the new Xiaomi Mi smart tv 55 inch. And now we will be in the wait of the new Redmi TV. Before this statement, the redmi TV appeared on the China’s National Quality Certification center listing. The TV was certify on July 19th by the name of TPV technology (Xiaomen) Co. Ltd. And few days prior we also get the news of the certification of Redmi TV on 3C.

Till now, the rumors of the TV are that the TV will appear in two sizes of 40 inch and 70 inch. Additional to this, both of the TVs will come with 4K UHD resolution. This TV will be a great competitor for the OnePlus Smart TV and the Huawei’s Honor Smart TV. And it is expected that Redmi will announce the Tv in the month of September.

Do follow our blog to get the launch updates of the TV, and also read our more news of latest product.

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Huawei Mate X inches closer to the launch, Shows up on TENAA

Judhajeet Das



After the delay of the Samsung Fold smartphone after the negative reviews, there were rumors to release its Huawei Mate X before Samsung. And after the few trails of the phone, now company has officially reveal that the Huawei Mate X will now release in November. The launch date of the phone is pushed back by the company. Still there might be more chances that the launch can delay further from November. It might delay if something goes wrong before the launch.

Huawei Mate X Features and Leaks

Today the Huawei Mate X passes through the TENAA. This is now making clear that everything is going as plan. The new phone shows up on TENAA providing the images of the smartphone. The leaks also get us the specs and almost everything about the Huawei Mate X. The images of the smartphone are not too revealing as the angles of the images are not good.

We already know what to expect from the Huawei phone. The hardware and the software will be as expected and let’s wait for other leaks which can provide us the better angles to discuss about the product. Huawei is to be believed; the Falcon hinge design has been altered along with the power button.

huawei mate x

In a Whole, these TENAA listing has made some points clear that the new phone is going through the tests as planned. So, we might expect that the Huawei Mate X will arrive as the officials have claim. We will have to wait for couple of months to get the hands of the phone if everything will be good.

The thing is if all the tests are going well, then why the launch is getting delay?

Do follow our blog to get the latest news on the smartphone.

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