17 January, 2020

Huami Amazfit Nexo: How to Upgrade Firmware Version?

Recently, the Xiaomi Huami fan-base received the Amazfit Nexo with some sound features in the pack. Among all, some of the specs need to upgrade to perform well for ultimate results. How to upgrade the firmware version of the Amazfit Nexo? Here is a step-by-step guide instruction to deal with the process.

Overall, users will have two firmware version upgrade methods. First can be performed on your smartphone and the other can be on the Amazfit Nexo smartwatch.

In this guide, we will discuss both techniques one-by-one. So, let’s start.

Amazfit Nexo Firmware Version Upgrade on Smartphone

Step 1: pick your phone and launch the Amazfit App.

2: in the app, follow the following path: Profile>My Watch>More Settings>Watch System Update.

3: Click on it to see if the Watch system needs to be upgraded. If yes, update it.

Amazfit Nexo Firmware Version Upgrade on Watch

Step 1: Light up your Amazfit Nexo smartwatch.

2: After that, go to Setting App>System and Security>System Update.

3: Now, check if the system needs to update. Update it if needed.

Hence, we have concluded both methods to upgrade your Amazfit Nexo smartwatch firmware version. It is simple and straightforward and can be performed without any hassles.

The Amazfit Nexo watch brings lots of attractive features. In fact, it is a supportive tool for sports and fitness enthusiasts. In the round-shaped design and delicate craftsmanship, users feel amazing user experience on the wrist.

Notably, if you have purchased this watch from Gearbest and facing upgradation problem, you can head to its support centre page. Their team will help you in this regard with the best of their knowledge.

Overall, the Amazfit Nexo is a powerful wristwatch with unmatched features and long-lasting battery. It is a good value for money at all.

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