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How To Keep Your Gaming Accessories Cool While an Intense Gameplay

Judhajeet Das



If you like to game for hours, you must have noticed that your gaming accessories tend to overheat. If you are unable to keep the accessories cool, they are bound to overheat, and this might lead to your gaming system being destroyed. Well, the good news is that there are simple practices that you could take on to keep your gaming accessories cool.

1. You need to give your system some breathing room

What this means is that you need to keep anything that gets in the way of airflow from the system’s way. If there are books or any other items near your computer, you should consider keeping them a couple of inches away from it. It is to create space for free flow of air. You might be the kind of gamers that prefer keeping their accessories in an enclosed area, you might want to ditch the habit. It increases the risk of your accessories overheating.

2. Keep your system’s case closed

Something you need to know is that an open case does not exactly do a great job at regulating the internal temperature. How so? Well, an open case will not prevent dust and other foreign materials into the system. Presence of debris and dust particles will impede the free flow of air, hence a failed attempt of cooling your system. Your fan will slow down or even stop working. Cases are there to regulate the flow of air. However, there is another way around this. You can get the best open frame pc case to help with keeping your system cool.

3. Keep your accessories from vents and windows

Remember that the goal here is to keep your gaming as cool as you possibly can. Keeping your gaming accessories near a heat vent is probably the worst idea. Another temperature sensitive area that you should be avoiding is the window. If your accessories face a risk of being exposed to high temperatures by keeping them near a window, you should avoid it all the same. Consider keeping your accessories in cool areas if you want to keep them cool.

4. Get a memory cooling fan

Did you know that memory is one of the elements of your gaming accessories that are prone to overheat? You probably have so much stored there, and it might be one of the reasons that your system keeps overheating.

There is a solution to this: a memory cooling fan. It will help keep your accessories cool by getting rid of the weak areas for free flow of air in your system’s area.

5. A water cooling kit will do the trick

If you are working with a high-end CPU and you are fond of overclocking, you might need this kit. Why? Well, a fan might not be able to keep up. You can use a water cooling kit to keep your CPU cool: most of the gamers do this.

How does it work? The kit includes a pump that cycles water to the CPU where there are self-contained tubes from where the water is pumped out again for cooling then it is pumped back.

6. Clean your fans

Your gaming accessories might be overheating simply because your fans are clogged, therefore becoming slow or stop working all the same. What you need to do is put the power off, open the case and use an air duster to clean all the fans. Do not use vacuums though.

7. Upgrade your CPU

If your gaming PC is a little bit old, meaning the fans might be lower end and not able to adequately do the job of keeping your CPU cool. For that matter, you can upgrade your CPU fans and get high-end ones that that can keep overheating at bay.

There is one more thing that you need to note. If your system has a power supply fan, you need to check it from time to time to see if it is working as it should. If it is not and you depend on it to push out the heat, then your system will only end up overheating. Ensure that the power supply is in good condition.  

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XIDU Philbook Max, the Elaborate Creation with Stylish Design Inside out

Judhajeet Das



Lightweight Laptop with 360°Rotation

Philbook, adopting the excellent design of XIDU family, perfectly strikes a balance between rotation and lightweight. Moreover, Philbook had been at the forefront of the industry – realization of the 360°rotation – while the opening-closing angles for the vast majority of computers still rested on 120°- 180°. You may be presented with a new form laptop when totally rotating the screen, keeping excitements in your life! No matter in making speech or recording fleeting inspiration, it is your best partner forever, promoting work effectively and conveniently.In addition, Its 1.39kg weight and 16.4mm thickness deserve special mention for its easy to carry even for small-size bag!

DSC07984 ??
Philbook- Not only for office. Convenient for tours or business trips

2-in-1 Laptop With Multi-touch Screen

Tent mode for showing achievements

PhilBook breaks through the boundary between traditional computer and laptop. It shows what is a true 2-in-1 laptop. With this 2-in-1 laptop, your fingers can closely touch with anything you want to do. Importantly, the equipped capacitive multi-touch screen enables to drag, click, or type anything you like. What’s more, this laptop equipped with Intel Apollo processor ensures smooth operation of all software, which is excellent to improve your working efficiency and save more time. PhilBook, as we expected, makes everything simple!

Full HD IPS Display, Narrow Edge Design

IMG_2531 ??
Zoom in and out of a website by fingers

Compared with TN leading to white screen phenomenon, IPS screen is featured by various advantages such as accurate color restoration and 178°view angle. In spite of 14.1-inch large screen, PhilBook employs narrow edge design – only 4.9mm. It not only provides excellent large-screen experience, but also meanwhile shrinks its body to guarantee super comfortable feeling whether in office or entertainment.

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Samsung Galaxy S10+ and S10 Urgent Software update is coming!

Judhajeet Das



The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ has been engineered to be a conversation-changer, a phone that’s intended to turn everyone’s yearly question of “Do I really need to upgrade?” into a more exclamatory “Do I really need to upgrade!”

It’s the Infinity Display that really sells this phone. It introduces a nearly-edge-to-edge look that stretches top to bottom, with pixels spilling over the curved edges at the sides – there’s no room for big bezels on Samsung’s 2019 flagship smartphone. For the most part, they don’t exist here. Anyways, a recent report suggests that samsung galaxy s10+ and s10 urgent software update is coming to the phone! Oh, Hey, want to win one for yourself? Log on here and get yourself a Brand New Galaxy s10 for free!

The newest update sent by the Korean manufacturer into its Galaxy S10 and S10+ intends to further enhance the already amazing security of the top of their scope smartphones. The update, weighing only 6.9MB and without a new build number, improves the safety of this much-disputed ultrasonic fingerprint reader situated beneath the S10 and S10+ screen. That is also why the update wasn’t released for the Galaxy S10e variant which uses a classic capacitive fingerprint reader on the ideal side.

Personally after the update in question we have not seen any improvement in the speed of the reader , probably the patch only served to improve the accuracy and security of the biometric scan. Additionally because, let us be clear, apart from safety Samsung has nothing more to brag about these ultrasonic sensors, that are currently slower than the competition.

How do I look for a new update?

To look after a brand new software update in your own Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10+:

  • Click on Software Updates.
  • Select the thing Download updates manually and wait a few seconds. When there’s a new bundle, proceed with the download and install it.
S10 Urgent Software update

This latest update published by Samsung has, though, a particularity: it wasn’t released through OTA as from the most classic of situations but through Galaxy Store. A popup should notify you of the update, otherwise You’ll Have to:

  1. Open the Galaxy Store program
  2. Just click the Menu button (the three dots in the top right)
  3. From there, navigate into the Profile thing then Update
  4. You’re good to go!

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Xiaomi releases a new Mijia blender: With 10 protection, comprehensive protection of your safety

Judhajeet Das



During the Xiaomi Mi Fans Festival, Xiaomi released a Mijia blender, which is a versatile blender providing multifunctions, such as juice extractor, soybean milk maker, food processor, grinder, etc. According to Xiaomi official introduction, the Mijia blender can quickly break the food cell wall to make it release phytochemicals so that the nutrition can be absorbed more easily by the human body. Compared with the expensive price of other blenders on the market. Compared with the expensive price of other blenders on the market, the Mijia blender is just priced at 699 CNY (about $104) during the Mi Fans Festival.

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Xiaomi-mijia-blender-1.jpg

Main Features:

  • In the manual mode, 8 intensity selection is available, and you can freely choose different gears to start cooking according to your personal preference
  • Make an appointment around the clock, put in the ingredients in advance, set the completion time, and enjoy the delicious
  • The food is cooked to the default temperature of 3h, and the temperature is maintained at 50 Deg.C or above by default, so that you can always enjoy a warm meal
  • Ultra-high power copper wire motor provides powerful power for the machine to easily complete food production
  • 10 protection, comprehensive protection of your safety
  • Heating power: 800W
  • Stirring power: 1000W

In terms of design, the Mijia blender breaks the traditional bulky shape design and complicated press button operation. Instead, it adopts the brand-new OLED rotary knob simple interactive design. The operation is very easy and intuitive.  

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Xiaomi-mijia-blender-2.jpg

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At the same time, the Mijia blender is equipped with a high-power copper wire motor and 8 pieces of fine steel blade, which can instantaneously generate powerful grinding force, so even the hard food materials, such as fish bone and nuts can also be easily grinded.

Besides, the Mijia blender also offers 9 kinds of nutritional menus, including some common recipes such as soy milk, rice paste, fruit and vegetable juice, fish soup, etc. It also provides some special recipes, such as French-style thick soup, milkshake, corn juice, sorbet, etc.

The Xiaomi Mijia blender is also a perfect gadget to make baby food. In addition, it supports automatic heat insulation function. When the hot food is cooked, the system will keep the food warm (above 50?) for 3 hours by default. And you can also set the heat preservation time and food temperature on the Mijia APP. The Xiaomi Mijia High-Speed Blender is already available on Gearbest for $200.99.

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