Elephone to Acquire Hammer Technology?

The competition is tough in all niches and in all markets. But it’s fierce in China, especially. Every day we see new brands appearing on the market and take leave of existing brands. What we see more frequently is the unification of forces. Many like to say it’s a simple merge of two or more companies, but actually, one of them acquires the other. Seems something like this will be announced in the nearest future. According to some rumors the second-tier Chinese tech company, Elephone is going to acquire another Chinese manufacturer Hammer Technology.

There is still no comment from Hammer Technology yet, but we have heard this brand and its CEO Luo Yonghao are in a terrible financial situation and most likely, the best way to pay off debts and solve the current problems is to sell the controlling interest. On the contrary, Elephone that is previously known as a cheap smartphone maker has already launched many interesting products for various niches and has also improved the quality of its smartphones. Moreover, it launches handsets that sport the latest technologies and walk in line with the latest trends.

Say, it is going to announce the pop-up dual-front-camera smartphone soon, namely the Elephone U2. The Elephone A series smartphone not only use a notch screen design but also come with a gradient pack panel. There are also smartwatches, smartbands, sports cameras, panoramic cameras, Bluetooth speakers, and much more in its product assortment. Thus, though the Hammer Technology has been designing higher quality products, because of a poor marketing strategy, it fell through the cracks.

Honestly, Elephone has never made a genuine high-end product. So if this rumor is true and it will acquire the Hammer Technology and its much-popular Smartisan series, there is every reason to think the upcoming Elephone-branded smartphones and other products will be capable of struggling in the higher niches.

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