17 January, 2020

Edward Snowden has opened the Web Summit 2019 and these were his words

One of the most important events in the world of technology has just begun, which is held once a year, and in it, many of the most influential persons in this area meet. We talk about the Web Summit 2019. And this year’s edition has been opened by Edward Snowden.

He has become one of the most important systems analysts in recent years, and while the issue of internet privacy has become quite hot, the truth is that no one is as passionate about the subject as Snowden. This man is known for being a video surveillance whistleblower and critic of the United States government and industrial espionage in general.

Edward Snowden in the Web Summit 2019

Edward Snowden at the Web Summit 2019

Edward Snowden is an extremely important person in the world of technology for a simple reason; he has openly challenged and denounced the United States government for carrying out cyber-surveillance. Since he worked in several high-ranking organizations in this country such as the CIA and the NSA, he is expected to have access to a lot of data, and after denouncing the surveillance system that was implementing this country, his fame grew enormously, but at the price of being persecuted by his own country and having to fear for his life. He is currently living in Russia under diplomatic asylum.

As long as I live, I will remember trying to explain to my colleagues how our work was being used to violate the oaths we had made and the verbal shrug with which they replied: ‘And what can we do about it?”

Edward Snowden in the Web Summit 2019

The former US Intelligence Department official explained that the data that is stored in surveillance services and companies is being used to “manipulate” people. During his video conference at the Web Summit 2019, he said that “The data is not harmless, it is not abstract when it comes to people. And almost all the data that is recorded is from people. No data is being exploited, it is to exploit people.

Data is not manipulated, people are manipulated”

Similarly, Edward Snowden expressed his great concern regarding this issue, saying “They started watching everyone, everywhere, at all times. Even people who had not done anything wrong or were suspicious of anything. Just because that Information in the future could be useful”.

Edward Snowden in the Web Summit 2019

This quickly became the highlight of the first day of this technology event, since this issue not only worries this analyst greatly but many big executives and ordinary individuals alike.

The tools that had been created to protect the public were being used to attack the public”

But this is not all, because the former American analyst has just published a book called Permanent Record, in which he recounts the reasons that led him in 2013 to transmit tens of thousands of secret documents to various media, revealing in the process the existence of a global communications and internet surveillance system.

Edward Snowden in the Web Summit 2019


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