Could Space Invaders be available for the Huami Amazfit?

Huami is a company that has managed to overcome many barriers with the incredible quality of their devices, being able to compete with the largest in different markets such as Smartphones or Wearables. This is what concerns us today because it is rumored that one of the best-known games of all history, Space Invaders, could be available to play in the Smartwatch Huami Amazfit.

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Rumors about the Huami Amazfit and Space Invaders

According to the rumors, it will be a mini version of the original game in which we are a small ship defending the planet from an alien invasion. Given the smallness of the screen, you can only play using one finger, in which, you will press left or right to move, and press on the ship to shoot. These rumors began because they appeared a series of images that showed the device with the game, in addition to the official profile of Huami published a gif where you can see the game in action.

Huami AmazFit Space Invaders

Of course, if Huami decided to invest in a game like this to implant it in one of its devices, it means that they have already managed to solve any problem that may arise at the time of programming. It can also be expected that many questions arise in the Chinese users regarding this issue, of course, the company has also been asked questions such as “if we produce a mini-game for Amazfit, would it be favorable or against?”. However, they have said that it is more important to focus on other aspects of the device, such as its optimization and possibly the addition of some sights.

This has caused that Huami is in the middle of the debate between the users of these devices since the company wishes to use more energy in other fields of the product whereas what mainly interests to the users is this addition of the video game. We just have to wait and see what happens once the device comes to light.

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