25 January, 2020
Alfawise JH

Alfawise JH Bluetooth Headphone Review

Bluetooth Headphones are now the new trend around the modern generation technology. You are walking around the street you will see a lot of people wearing Bluetooth headphone & listening to music avoiding the chaotic world around them. Now a day’s people prefer the new technology noise cancelling headphones. So, Alfawise has bought a new Bluetooth noise cancelling headphone to market for the consumers. It has a lot of functions coming with it and it will certainly provide quality performance to the users. The Alfawise JH noise cancelling Bluetooth headphone provide the music the listener wants to hear.

Alfawise JH Review

The Alfawise JH noise cancelling Bluetooth headphone has come with a lot of features to provide the ultimate listening experience to the music & song lovers around the globe. Let’s get to know about some of the features of this device.


The Alfawise JH has a very simple design to its body. Its dimension is 19.00 x 15.50 x 7.00 cm & it has a weight of 0.2020 kg. So, it is not so heavy & you can keep it on your head as long as you want, tour head will not feel the weight at all. The dimension is almost perfect for the average people. The earmuffs can rotate 90 degree. & is suitable to size and shape. The dimension is also adjustable.

Noise Reduction

The main feature of the Alfawise JH is the noise reduction feature. It has an active noise cancellation technology which will neutralize any outside noise produced around you. It will provide you with an uninterrupted audio listening with this device. It will give you the quietness you want even if you are not listening to anything. It works like a silencer for the user. It also protects the ears from outside harmful noise.

Pleasant & Comfy

The Alfawise JH has a very comfortable ear cups which will feel like a pillow under the ear. Most headphones hurt or feel uncomfortable after using it for a long time of using, but the Alfawise JH will not hurt at all. The earmuffs are made of artificial protein leather which is highly compatible to human skin. The advanced ear cups and the foam cushions of the device will give your ears an extravagant comfort.

Bluetooth Technology

The Alfawise JH works on a hand free Bluetooth technology. The version of the Bluetooth is version 4.2. The Bluetooth can operate in a 10-meter distance without any objects interfering in the way. The Bluetooth chip sensitivity is 100 + / -3kHz.

Longer Playtime

The Alfawise JH has a very long playtime feature. It has an 30h long playtime feature which very much long for a Bluetooth noise cancelling headphone. Though noise cancelling will reduce this time to about 9 to 10 hours. Still it is very impressive. It can stream music for over a day. In case the battery running low just plugging in the audio wire will do the trick.

High Quality Audio Resolution

The Alfawise JH is a 40mm driver which can provide a sound quality like no other. It provides the users with high resolution audio, warm mids, bright highs & a very impressive deep bass. This driver has a transmission that can detect a strong bass. So, it is inevitable to hear a quality sound through it.

Built-in Microphone

The Alfawise JH has a built-in CVC microphone which allows users to pick up hand free calls. The connection is very clear and there is no problem speaking at all. Even if there is a lot of noise around the user’s voice will transmit very clearly keeping the sound quality up to the mark.

Controlling Function

The Alfawise JH has a variety of functions so that the users can easily use the features they want. The functions have their own button right below the earmuffs. With just a click you can go from active noise free and then disabling it back home. You can also control your playlist from going to the next track to the previous track and then controlling the volume.

Alfawise JH

Some Problems-

Bluetooth Problem

The Bluetooth technology of the Alfawise JH has a Bluetooth version of 4.2. But the Bluetooth work in a 10-meter distance but that’s not the problem. The problem is that the signal will interfere if there is any object between. So, often going from one room to another or going to nearby place will force the hamper the signal which will result to a disturbance in listening.

 Charge Running Out

As the Alfawise JH is a noise cancelling headphone it will run out of charge fast. While the noise cancelling function is active the charge of the headphone will runout pf charge fast. While the noise cancelling function is active the headphone will have 9 to 10 hours of time running. So, users have to aware of this fact while using the Alfawise JH.


The Alfawise JH is a wonderful device with so many great features for a headphone. It will provide you with the ultimate listening experience. The outside world is a really annoying place where there is so much noise and people to disturb you or hammer your brain while you are waiting in the queue to pay bill or maybe any other work. So, this device will keep you to yourself and your thoughts with its exclusive noise cancelling feature. Its also very much compatible your ear so your ears won’t feel a thing. So, anyone considering to purchase headphone can put the Alfawise JH in the top priority.

Alfawise JH Bluetooth Headphone Review
  • Design
  • Noise Reduction Capacity
  • Pleasant & Comfy
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Battery Life
  • Controlling Function


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