A foldable phone from Xiaomi has been seen in a video!

Currently, the technology industry is looking to advance by leaps and bounds, one of the biggest struggles of companies currently is getting new technologies that can be implemented in their devices, such as the ability to create foldable Smartphones, which, in 2018, become a reality with the launch of the Royole Flexpai, becoming the first folding smartphone in the world. However, it is not yet for sale, you can only pre-order it. Based on this incredible breakthrough, many companies have struggled to create something that resembles it, and this is where Xiaomi has put a lot of emphases, it turns out that a video has been recently revealed in which a possible Xiaomi mobile is presented with the ability to be flexible.

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Revelation of a video on a Xiaomi’s foldable mobile

The social network Twitter was very surprised when the @evleaks user presented a video to the whole world, however, it was not any video, in the footage we can see what appears to be a foldable Xiaomi phone. Of course, there is no official information that completely says that it is a Xiaomi mobile; these are simple rumors due to the user interface that can be seen in the video since it is similar to other products of the Chinese company. The fact is that something that makes Xiaomi stand out is the innovation capacity they possess, so it is not surprising that a foldable smartphone comes out of this company.

In the same order of ideas, Xiaomi is not the only company that intends to launch a mobile of this type, we can expect that LG, Samsung, and Sony are also thinking of launching a terminal with this capacity. Of course, this is achieved when the screen manufacturers send the appropriate technology to the market, but the truth is that many companies such as Huawei, OPPO, Meizu, ZTE, among others, are already preparing to start fighting for this new emerging market.


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